Notification and custom alerts
Sweet alert

Sweet Alert is a beautiful replacement for standard Javascript's "Alert".

Examples Action
A basic message
A success message!
A warning message, with a function attached to the "Confirm"-button
... and by passing a parameter, you can execute something else for "Cancel".

You can easy add sweet alert in your controller by adding code like this:

									title: "Good job!",
									text: "You clicked the button!",
									type: "success"
Toastr notification

Minimalistic and extensible notification service for devdap theme.

Example with devdap template

You can easy add any notification in your scripts by adding code like this:

								Command: toastr["success"]("Example message ", "Example title")

								toastr.options = {
								  "closeButton": true,
								  "debug": false,
								  "newestOnTop": false,
								  "progressBar": false,
								  "positionClass": "toast-top-center",
								  "preventDuplicates": false,
								  "onclick": null,
								  "showDuration": "300",
								  "hideDuration": "1000",
								  "timeOut": "5000",
								  "extendedTimeOut": "1000",
								  "showEasing": "swing",
								  "hideEasing": "linear",
								  "showMethod": "fadeIn",
								  "hideMethod": "fadeOut"