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Bit App Landing Page Free Bootstrap Website Templates

Bit App Landing Page is Free bootstrap website templates also available in many versions like
Free Ruby On Rails Website Template, asp net website templates.

Bit App is a fully responsive HTML template. It looks at all devices because of its user-friendly for every device. Every professional person can show their creative work and effort in this template. This template is clean coded that’s why you can easily customize it. It also W3 valid code. Blog grid and unique blog single page.

Theme Requirements

Make sure all dependencies have been installed before moving on for ruby on rails:
Rails >= 5.1.4
Ruby >= 2.4.3
Node.js >= 6.9.x
Yarn (optional)

Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 for Asp Net Website Templates.

Theme installation

Simply Download the theme. And Put in the Sites folder locally and extract it. Then Run ‘BUNDLE INSTALL’ for installing Ruby Gems. Then start your local server using Rails Server / Rails s and check the theme in the browser using http://localhost:3000.

For asp net website templates simply open in ‘.sln’ file of the project in the visual studio and click run button.

Design and developed by: devdap

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