Exclusive Admin

Bootstrap Template For Dashboard

Exclusive Admin Bootstrap Template For Dashboard

Exclusive Admin is the latest created bootstrap template for dashboard and has proven to be one of the most successful admin dashboards ever released.

It is based on Bootstrap 4 and comes with more libraries, pages and elements than any premium template out there.

Why we are giving it away for free?  Because we want to see what users will come up with and how far it can go.

Exclusive Admin Bootstrap Template For Dashboard Features

50+ Unique Pages With Many Components
Advanced Landing Page
Advanced Forms
Beautiful Animations
Responsive Design
Based on Bootstrap 4
100+ UI Kits Elements
Beautiful Chart Libraries
Table Plugins
Cross Browser
Well Documented

Free Available Versions

1. Bootstrap 4
2. Ruby On Rails 5
3. Asp.NET MVC 5
4. .NET Core 2.0

Theme Requirements

Make sure all dependencies have been installed before moving on for ruby on rails:
Rails >= 5.1.4
Ruby >= 2.4.3
Node.js >= 6.9.x
Yarn (optional)

Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 for Asp Net Website Templates.

Theme installation

Simply Download the theme and Extract it. Open ROR Terminal and go to the theme folder. Then Run ‘BUNDLE INSTALL’ / ‘BUNDLE UPDATE’ for installing required Ruby Gems. Then start your local server using Rails Server / Rails s and check the theme in the browser using http://localhost:3000.

For asp net website templates simply download the theme and extract it.Then open theme folder and find ‘.sln’ file and open this file in the visual studio. When theme files and folders loaded properly in the visual studion then click RUN button.


Ruby On Rails
NET Core
Ruby Gems
Font Awesome etc

Design and developed by: devdap

$49.00 Value

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3 reviews for Exclusive Admin

  1. 5 out of 5

    Hello there,

    Im enjoying working with this amazing template on my ASP.NET MVC development, great work man! I was wondering if there is an easy way via JS to change themes and menu positions

    • Thanks for the feed back. we working on our themes to make easy for users

  2. 5 out of 5

    Hi, is there any news regarding the release of the vue.js and angular template? Thank you!

    • yes we provide Angular and Vue js version soon stay update with devdap.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Very Nice And Beautiful Theme..I really Like it Thanks

    • Thanks for the feedback

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