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Unapp is a banging free HTML website template for applications that solely rely on businesses. It could be a mobile, a web or a desktop app, whatever you bring to the table, it is Unapp that will help you bring it to the internet. With the template, you can quickly craft the much-needed page that will take your product to the next level. But most importantly, boost the user base and skyrocket downloads and purchases above and beyond.

With Unapp, you get a beautiful front page and all other inner sections that will benefit you greatly. On scroll content reveal, video support, parallax effect and plan and pricing tables, all these and loads more you get with Unapp. The contact page is equipped with a fully working form and Google Maps so they can get in touch with you whenever they want. Do remarkable things with Unapp.

Theme Requirements

Make sure all dependencies have been installed before moving on for ruby on rails:
Rails >= 5.1.4
Ruby >= 2.4.3
Node.js >= 6.9.x
Yarn (optional)

Theme installation

Simply Download the theme. And Put in the Sites folder locally and extract it. Then Run ‘BUNDLE INSTALL’ for installing Ruby Gems. Then start your local server using Rails Server / Rails s and check the theme in the browser using http://localhost:3000.

Unapp is created by colorlib Under the license of CC BY 3.0.
Multiple Versions created by devdap.

$10.00 Value


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